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Arjav Dave
Royale Cheese: Co-Founder & Technical Director

Develop a real-world patient admission system

Organise with TDD

TDD (Test Driven Development) is a much debated word in the tech industry. Debates like Whether you should do TDD or not? or How advantageous is it? are quite popular. Simply said, TDD is test before you develop.

Now, there are a lot of school of thoughts regarding what type of test’s are included and what are not in TDD. As an example, should it include Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test or even UAT?

In this article, we will go through a real-world example on how to write integration tests in .NET 5.0…

Branches, Merge Conflicts, Pull Requests and much more

It’s not that simple!

Linus Torvalds, the man who created Linux Kernel, is also responsible for creating Git. Git has become the most popular SCM (Source Control Management) tool since it’s launch in 2005. It holds more than 80% of the market share of the SCM tools.

What is Git?

Git is a Source Control Management tool which helps team members to work on the same source code, simultaneously, with minimal conflicts. Even if you are a one person team it is good to have backups. Sometimes you would like to rollback to a previous code. …

Parallax, fade, and slide transitions as you scroll

Photo by Matthias Mullie on Unsplash.

In today’s world, just having a website is not enough. In addition, the website should have a clean UI and be intuitive. Most importantly, there should be an interactive element.

Interactivity keeps the users glued to your site for a longer period. As a result, it increases the chance of converting a user to a customer. Also, longer interaction time leads to a lower bounce rate and thus a higher ranking on search engines.

One of the most common and basic forms of interaction happens when a user scrolls on your website. Wouldn’t it be quite boring if the user…

Improve your website’s user experience and SEO

Photo by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash.

Lazy loading is the process of loading components, modules, or other assets of a website as required. Since Angular creates an SPA (single-page application), all of its components are loaded at once. Secondly, a lot of unnecessary libraries or modules might be loaded as well.

For a small application, that would be OK. But as the application grows, the load time will increase if everything is loaded at once. Lazy loading allows Angular to load components and modules as and when needed.

In order to understand how lazy loading works we first need to understand the building block of Angular…

Improve your productivity with these simple steps

Photo by Matt Wildbore on Unsplash

Like any other field, the productivity of a developer varies based on several factors: work culture, management, personal life, skills, and so on. Some we can control, and some we cannot.

In this article, we will discuss how to make oneself better by working on things we control. There are some clichéd tips like Stay Focused, Avoid Distractions, and Be in the FLOW.

But we are going to get a bit more technical on increasing the productivity.

Journey of a Software Developer

The usual stages of a developer are shown below:

Coder -> Programmer -> Architect


Many people use the words “coder” and “programmer”…

What makes me eligible to review!

I have been in the industry for more than 11+ years now. I started my career with BlackBerry (BB) Development. I feel old already!

Eclipse was our best friend back then for mobile development. I did my internship working on the famous Zagat app for BlackBerry. It was overall a great learning experience.

For my full-time job I switched to a start up named Spinlet which I hope is still going strong. I worked as BlackBerry developer in the beginning but switched to iOS development eventually.

My iOS experience was nothing but exciting in those initial years. Eventually I started…

How to Go Password-less with .NET Identity

There are tons of new apps launching every day, so you’ll want to make yours stand out. It should have unique features, and it should be easy and convenient to use.

One of the major pain points for many apps is that they require a username and a password to login. I personally have to remember 10–15 passwords for apps like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You get the idea.

In this article we are going to create a solution for your APIs that will allow your users to login without a password.

How to go password-less

In order to omit the need for…

Beware of Security Flaws!

In over 11 years of my experience I have seen so many API’s that have major security flaw. They either lack a proper setup of Authentication or Authorisation or both. The developers might feel okay since these endpoints are usually not public. But it is a huge security loop hole which anyone can easily target.

To better understand security for API’s let’s create a demo project for FBI. There will be an Admin who can enrol FBI Agents and change their clearance levels. …

What is a CDN?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps you deliver your content more quickly. You can serve any type of content that remains unchanged over a period of time, like images, videos, CSS, JavaScript, HTML files, PDFs, and more.

A CDN is a group of servers that are spread across the world to deliver the content from the Edge servers. Edge servers are servers located closest to the place from where the request is being made.

Depending on the request, edge servers may either return the content from its cache or they can fetch it from the Origin Server. …

We are going to use Azure Functions & wkhtmltopdf tool to generate a PDF file from an HTML file. You might want to create a PDF file for many reasons e.g. generate invoices for sales, medical reports for your patients, insurance forms for your clients etc. There are a few ways to do this.

Firstly, you can use Adobe‘s fill and sign tool to fill out forms, but this mostly requires human interaction and hence it’s not scalable and not convenient.

The second option is you directly create a pdf file. Based on the platform you are working on you…

Arjav Dave

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